Why Are Rimless Toilet Bowls Popular In Singapore?

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Homeowners who are planning to have a toilet bowl installation are often asked to choose between a rimless toilet bowl and older toilet bowl designs. If homeowners have not installed a rimless toilet bowl in their home, they are usually not aware of its benefits. Hence, the many benefits of installing a rimless toilet are described in detail below, so that the homeowner can decide whether it is worth spending more money on a rimless toilet, and why they are becoming very popular in Singapore.


It Has Built-In Hygiene

While cleaning the toilet, the exterior areas of the toilet can be easily accessed, while it requires more effort to access the hidden areas. In rimless toilets, there is no rim, so all the surfaces are easily visible and accessible for cleaning. Hence better hygiene is inbuilt into the design of the rimless toilets, if any area is dirty, it will be easier to know how to clean and maintain the toilet bowl. Moreover, there are no hidden areas where the bacteria and other harmful microbes will flourish.


It Is Easy To Clean


Having a toilet that is easy to clean is a good feature to look out for when buying the best toilet bowl. Since the rimless toilets do not have a rim, it is easier to clean them and ensure that there is no place for germs to flourish. In a conventional toilet bowl with a rim, for proper cleaning, the toilet brush should reach the hidden areas of the rim to remove all the dirt which may have accumulated. Cleaning the rim of the bowl is a very time-consuming process. In contrast, all the surfaces in the rimless toilet are easily visible and accessible so the time, effort, and tools required for cleaning it will be far less.


Outstanding Flushing System

Most rimless toilets have a direct flush mechanism to save water and for better cleaning. For this rimless flushing usually, the water is released into the toilet bowl using two or three water jets. Many reputed toilet brands use the best type of toilet bowl flushing systems like the tornado flushing mechanism. Water will circulate in the toilet bowl like a tornado to remove all the dirt while using less water. Thus, compared to conventional toilets where water flows from multiple nozzles in rimless flushing water is released at high pressure from only a few nozzles, reducing the water consumption. In addition, a good flush will help you prevent different types of toilet bowl leaks.


Minimal Splashing


In conventional toilets, there are a large number of nozzles along the rim of the toilet and when a large amount of water is released for flushing, some of the water will splash outside the toilet and on the toilet seat. This is a common toilet bowl problem you should avoid. The person using the toilet next may have to sit on a wet toilet. In contrast, for rimless toilets, less water is released. It will circulate inside the toilet like a tornado, carrying away the dirt. before exiting. So the possibility of water splashing is greatly reduced for rimless toilets.


It Has A Wide Range of Designs 

Due to the increased demand for rimless toilets, the best-selling toilet bowl brands in Singapore are making various designs of toilets to cater to the requirement of homeowners who want the right toilet considering space available, home decor, and the budget. In addition to rimless toilets with tanks that can be aligned with the wall, there is also wall mounted toilets and compact rimless one-piece toilets.


It Is Eco-Friendly


Rimless toilets are one of the best types of eco-friendly toilet bowls. They require far less water for flushing both solid and liquid waste compared to older toilets. The water required for flushing the toilet is usually more than 30% of the total water consumption in the home. Moreover, if the water consumption of a home increases, it adversely affects the environment, since the groundwater levels and stored water levels will decrease. While many conventional toilets would consume 9 litres of water, for a flush, rimless toilets often require less than 3 litres for a full flush.


It Is Highly Affordable 

You might be wondering how much a toilet bowl installation costs. Realizing that people have different budgets for the toilets they install at home, rimless toilets are available at different prices. Depending on the features, quality of the components and material used, warranty offered, homeowners can find a suitable rimless toilet that they can afford.



Homeowners in Singapore are often asked what kind of toilet bowl design they want for their bathroom. Most are not aware of the rimless toilet bowl. However, these types of toilet bowls are one of the rising types in the country. Check out all of the best features and factors to look out for when choosing the best toilet bowl. Rimless toilet bowls are hygienic, easy to clean, have good flushing systems, have minimal splashing, come in a wide range of designs, and are eco-friendly. What’s more, they are affordable. You will definitely get value for your money. If you want a rimless toilet installed for your bathroom, look no further than Toilet Bowl City Singapore. 


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