Why Are Toto Water-Saving Toilets Worth Buying?

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Many homeowners will consider the design, features, and price of a toilet bowl before proceeding to install the toilet bowl in their homes. However, they did not realize that water consumption should also be considered, as toilets often use more than one-third of the house’s total water consumption. Toto toilet bowl is one of the most popular toilet brands in Singapore because of its well-designed and affordable price. Many homeowners prefer to buy a Toto one-piece toilet since it is compact and easy to clean. Specifically, the Toto water-saving toilets are popular because of the multiple benefits which are described in detail below.


Reduction in Water Consumption

Older models of toilets consume a lot of water per flush, ranging from 13 to 26 liters, resulting in increased water bills. This may be a clear sign that you need to replace your toilet bowl. After extensive research, the new toilets are designed to significantly reduce water usage. Liquid waste like urine requires less water pressure to flush, so these toilets have a dual flush model that consumes three liters of water to flush liquid waste – making it one of the features to look out for when buying the best toilet bowl. Therefore, installing a Toto dual flush toilet will greatly reduce the amount of water used to flush the toilet.


Environmentally Friendly

When homes consume a large amount of water for flushing the toilet and other household activities, the groundwater levels in the area decrease, adversely affecting the environment. Toto toilet bowl is one of the best eco-friendly toilet bowls. After installing a water-saving toilet, the amount of water required to flush the toilet will be significantly reduced, so the decline in the groundwater level will be smaller.


Easy to Use and Clean


Homeowners should know how to clean and maintain their toilet bowls, but sometimes it is not that easy. For Toto toilets, their one-piece toilet is easy to use and comfortable. It is also easier to clean because there are no connections or joints, and all parts of the toilet are easy to clean. The water-saving is implemented by modifying the flushing mechanism to reduce water consumption, there is no change in the toilet bowl design.


Lower Water Bill

Since the amount of water required to flush is reduced to a quarter or half of that required to flush an old toilet, the household’s total water consumption will be greatly reduced and lower the water bills. This is the greatest benefit of replacing your old HDB toilet bowl.


Increased Home Value

Installing a water-saving toilet will help in reducing the monthly water bill in the future. According to the toilet buying guide, you should choose a toilet bowl design that is both ergonomically friendly and one that will complement your bathroom interiors. Therefore, if the home is being sold or used for other purposes, this home improvement will help the homeowner and any buyer save money and increase the value of the home.


Higher Performance

No more looking for ways to unclog your toilet bowl choke because water-efficient toilets, while reducing water consumption, are designed to be more efficient and perform better. It can easily and quickly flush solid, liquid, and semi-solid waste from the toilet.


Toto Water-Saving Toilet Bowl Models

There are factors to consider when choosing the best toilet bowl for your household. Toto has a range of water-saving toilets which vary in their design, dimensions, price, and water consumption. The main features of each model are described for reference.

TOTO CW630J 1-Piece Toilet Bowl

The CW630J one-piece toilet bowl can be easily cleaned if required. It has a regular shape and has a white color that can easily blend in with the bathroom decors. It has a dual flush mechanism that only consumes 3 liters of water for washing away liquid waste in the toilet. For flushing solid waste like human excreta in the toilet, the normal flushing mode should be used, and even in this mode, the water consumption is less at 4.5 liters. The water pressure while flushing varies from 0.05 MPa to 0.75 MPa so that most waste is easily flushed away.

The toilet bowl is compact with a width of 374 mm, depth of 690 mm, and height of 705 mm, which is smaller in size than most other toilet bowls. Users can also upgrade their toilet with a soft close toilet cover and seat to reduce noise. The toilet cover material is manufactured from urea resin.

TOTO CW811PJ / SW811JP 1-Piece Toilet Bowl

The CW811PJ / SW811JP 1-Piece Toilet Bowl is another water-saving toilet. It has an elongated toilet bowl, which is more comfortable for users, especially senior citizens. Its style is compatible with the Le Muse suite. The toilet has a washdown flushing mechanism with a dual flush to reduce the consumption of water. Only three liters of water will be used for washing away any liquid wastes when using the water-saving mode. For solid wastes, the water consumption is 4.5 liters. The maximum water pressure is 0.75 Mpa.

The height of the toilet is 845mm, with a width of 380 mm and a depth of 700 mm. The dimensions of the toilet should be considered while transporting it. Optional parts for this toilet include a toilet seat and cover designed for soft-closing, slip-in connector, and s-connectors with different rough-in of 220 mm or 120 mm. S-connectors should be selected according to the dimensions of the bathroom.

TOTO CW821PJ 1-Piece Toilet Bowl

The CW821PJ one-piece toilet bowl uses power to reduce the amount of water required for flushing. Buyers should be aware that it requires a power supply of 230 volts and has a power consumption of 2000 watts when the toilet is being flushed. This white colored toilet has a weight of 17 kg. This also has a dual flush model. In water-saving mode, only 3 liters of water are required for flushing. When in normal mode, only six liters of water are required. The maximum pressure of the water used for flushing is 0.75 MPa.



If you are to buy a replacement for your old malfunctioning toilet, consider opting for the Toto water-saving toilet bowls as it reduces the water consumption in your home. Therefore, reducing water consumption also lowers your monthly water bill. Additionally, it is an environmentally friendly toilet bowl. If you have decided to install a toilet bowl from Toto in your home, engage professional toilet bowl services to help with the installation as they have the skills and experience to install it properly and efficiently.


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