Why Should You Opt for An American Standard Milano Toilet Bowl

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While there are a large number of toilet bowls available in the market in Singapore, the American Standard toilet bowl is one of the most popular toilet bowls brands. Homeowners have invested a large amount in their home and would like to install a toilet bowl that is comfortable, low maintenance, and which they can afford since the toilet will be used often.

One feature to look out for when buying the best toilet bowl for your bathroom is the water-saving feature. Luckily, the American Standard toilet Milano model is one of the most popular toilets with that feature. It uses less water for flushing and has a dual flushing mode which leads to a reduction in water consumption. Some of the other reasons why toilet bowls by American Standard are one of the top-selling toilets are explained in detail.


Ergonomic Design

The American Standard Milano CL20415-6DACTCB one-piece toilet has been designed after extensive research with an ergonomic design. This ensures that people of all ages and sizes can sit comfortably on the toilet for long periods of time without any discomfort. The toilet is designed to conform to the contours of the human body and is suitable for users of all sizes and weights.

The hydroceramic material used to make the toilet is hydrophilic, so dirt and grime will not adhere to the surface of the toilet. This ensures that the toilet will remain clean for a longer period of time, and require less maintenance. A comfort clean glaze has been applied to the surface of the toilet, to inhibit the growth of the E-Coli bacteria. The American Standard toilet bowl used double vortex technology for flushing the toilet to maximize the water force for flushing away the waste while minimizing the water consumption – making it one of the best types of eco-friendly toilet bowls.


Soft-Closing Seat Cover


Usually, when closing the toilet, the user applies force to the toilet seat and cover to close it, and that is a feature to avoid if you want to purchase the best toilet bowl. When the toilet seat hits the toilet bowl with force, it creates a banging noise that can disturb others, especially at night when family members are sleeping.

Also, the toilet seat is made from plastic, so the force of the impact can result in cracks. Hence, to avoid this common toilet bowl problem, the Milano one-piece toilet has been designed with a soft-closing cover to lessen the force of impact and noise which can increase the life of the toilet seat.




It is essential to know how to clean and maintain your toilet bowl. Most of the toilet bowls have a rim through which the water for flushing the toilet flows. Though this design is often cheaper, it is difficult to access the rim for cleaning. Hence, there is a possibility that bacteria and other harmful microbes will flourish in the toilet rim and cause infection to those who use the toilet.

To overcome this problem, the Milano toilet is designed so that there is no rim required for routing the water flow making it easier to clean the toilet quickly – a factor to consider when choosing the best toilet bowl. This also ensures that bacteria do not stay in the rim. The comfort clean gaze on the surface of the toilet bowl also reduces bacterial growth on the surface of the toilet to a great extent.


Elongated Toilet Bowl

Most of the older toilet bowls are round, but some people do not find this toilet bowl design comfortable to use because of its smaller size. Hence, the American Standard toilet bowl has introduced the Milano toilet which has a toilet bowl with an elongated shape, increasing the surface area of the toilet seat.

The length of the toilet is usually a few inches more than the round toilet which was used earlier. This makes it easier for people of all ages, especially senior citizens, to use the toilet since they can sit comfortably in the larger area of the toilet seat. It is also more comfortable for disabled individuals to use the elongated toilet. Though more space is required for the toilet bowl installation of the Milano elongated toilet, it is the preferred option for families with senior citizens or members with disabilities.



There are a lot of toilet bowl brands out in the market, and there are reasons why you should opt for an American Standard Milano toilet bowl. The Milano CL20415-6DACTCB one-piece toilet has an ergonomic design that makes homeowners comfortable while using it. Another reason is that it has a soft closing lid that avoids the annoying bang sound of your old toilet seat cover.

Lastly, the toilet bowl is rimless and elongated to make it easier for people of all ages, especially senior citizens, to use the toilet. If you opt to purchase an American Standard Milano toilet bowl and require assistance to install it, it is recommended that you consult professional toilet bowl services to help install it properly and securely.


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